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The company KD planeta was founded in 1996. The company is concentrated on precise machining
of rotational parts in turning CNC centers.
Additional activity of the company is production of various types
of gearboxes for atypical using, especially planetary gearboxes, and common design works.

The company has been certified in ISO 9001 (certificate of quality control) from 2007.


KD planeta s.r.o.
Městec 19
551 01  Nahořany

IČO: 274 80 186
DIČ: CZ27480186

tel.: +420 603 806 712, +420 733 649 691






We offer cooperative production of precise rotary parts in small batches from 4mm diameter to 65 mm diameter using feeders; larger diameters up to 250 mm diameter from pre-cuts. We have experience in machining steels of all classes, including stainless and hardened steels up to 62 HRC, as well as in machining of non-ferrous metals including electron. Besides it, we offer production of front straight and helical gearing, external and internal gearing with modules 0.5 to 6 mm.
Our manufactured components are used in the automotive industry, for the production electrical accessories, connecting material etc.

The company has turning centers Doosan. Two machines are biaxial with electric feeder, two three-axis with controlled C-axe incl. electric feeders and one machine ????? HEADSTOCK CNC Swiss type Hanwha32. For preparing material for manual insertion CNC band saw Pegas is used. Micro-stroke device Mark First is available for marking the finished pieces. For a final check of finished parts, we are able to present a measurement protocol of CNC measuring device Duramatic.



We produce all kinds of transmissions, specializing in planetary. They are designed as a flange for the electric motors. The output is a cylindrical shaft or hollow shaft and a flange with a central diameter. Gearboxes are one-to four- with the ratio of 3.2 after the 2762nd One-and two-stage gearboxes are offered with minimal backlash between the input and output shaft in the values of 10' for one degree and 18' for two degrees with the maximum electric power of 120 kW.
We can deliver also angle gearboxes with first degree cone of gear ratio 1:1.
Transmission gear may be also be designed for hydraulic or internal combustion engines.
KD Planet Company also offers design, construction and implementation of various transfers (frontal, conic, etc.).




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KD planeta s.r.o., Městec 19, 551 01  Nahořany l tel.: +420 603 806 712, +420 733 649 691 l email: